So many books… little time!

This is the place to post short comments about books read, but not reviewed. All recommendations and positive or negative commentary are welcome. If you have one you’d like to add, simply post a reply! If the book is part of a series, please mention that in your post. Have fun!


58 Responses to “Quickies!”

  1. Angie Says:

    Beyond Seduction, by Stephanie Laurens: Nice read, lots of sex. As with all Bastion Club novels, they are still after the traitor, and that gets thrown in for a bit of drama!

  2. Debra Says:

    An American Diva, by Julia London Part of the Thrillseekers Anonymous series, the writing is good, the story is a bit over the top as all four books in this series are, but the men are hunks and the sex is, shall we say, interesting. Good contemporary romance.

  3. Angie Says:

    Mine Till Midnight, by Lisa Kleypas: A very steamy read with a hot Cam and a prim and proper lady, Amelia. Lots of sex with a bit of a ghost story thrown in. A good read, and a spin off from the Wallflower series.

  4. Angie Says:

    The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever, by Julia Quinn: The story is good, but I felt like there were too many unresolved issues at the end. It was a cute story, however.

  5. Manda Says:

    A Lady’s Pleasure, by Renee Bernard: I want sexual chemistry and I want it now! Grab this book and your wish is granted by the second page. I like books where I connect with the characters and they make me like them whilst keeping the naughty bits of my brain engaged throughout. These two people stuck with me…and so did their techniques. 🙂

  6. Manda Says:

    In the Highlander’s Bed, by Cathy Maxwell: Proof that you can’t judge smut by it’s cover. If you’re looking for a lot of action in the bed, you’re in for a disappointment. It’s still a pleasant read even though I found I got more enjoyment out of the scenery of the villager’s land more than the scenery in the Highlander’s tent.

  7. Angela Says:

    Because You’re Mine, by Lisa Kleypas…Lovely story about a young woman, Lady Madeline Matthews, who is being forced against her will to marry a man older than her father. She decides to ruin herself by losing her virginity to the famous actor, Logan Scott, making her unmarriageable. Both Logan and Madeline are warm, endearing characters that draw you in immediately. At times heart wrenching, this engaging story will have you wondering if the walls they’ve built between them will ever crumble and reveal the truth about their feelings. Great plot and enough steamy love scenes to keep any of Lisa’s fans entertained throughout. Love, love, love this book…I highly recommend it.

  8. Debra Says:

    The Perfect Bride, The Perfect Groom and the Perfect Hero, A series of three novels by Samantha James. The stories of two brothers and a sister, all emotionally damaged in different ways by their parents’ betrayal, cruelty and indifference. They’ve come to rely on each other exclusively until they each meet the one person who can make them whole again. Terrific love stories that are quite unusual (in two of the books) for this genre, steamy and numerous love scenes, and epilogues that will make you smile. Good reads, all.

  9. Debra Says:

    It Happened One Autumn, Devil in Winter, Scandal in Spring, By Lisa Kleypas… The last three novels in the Wallflower series (the first was reviewed on the Home page), these three books complete the quest for love for Lillian, Evie and Daisy. All three have very different and intriguing plots, involving kidnapping, elopement, and even grand larceny. As the girls find love, and the pages keep turning, you hope you never get to the last chapter. That’s how good this series is. Read them in order, and I promise you will be thinking about these long after you put the last book down.

  10. Donna Says:

    Another excellent serial romance, this time by Julia London. The Hazards of Hunting a Duke, The Perils of Pursuing a Prince and The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount are three must reads. This series is also about a trio of strong women, Ava, her sister Phoebe and their cousin Greer. Our ladies find themselves in reduced circumstances, but are determined to survive in spite of the close scrutiny of the Ton. The winning recipe can be found in each of these books, but a word of caution — they are best read in order. Have fun!

  11. Angie Says:

    The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell, by Samantha James: A forced marriage between Simon, a reclusive country gentleman carrying a guilty weight on his shoulders and Annabel, the sister of a Duke makes this book very heart wrenching. She wants him, and while he does want her, he will not allow himself to love her, fearing he will loose everything. This book is so sad in parts that I cried, but it made for a good page turner!

  12. Angie Says:

    One Night With You, by Sophie Jordan: Ladies and courtesan balls make this book a fun treat. Jane disguises herself to have some fun, and runs into her secret childhood crush, Seth. Seth intends to find a bride that will take care of his blind sister, but he never dreams of falling for a masked woman, later to be revealed as Jane. This was a quick read as the action just kept going and going!

  13. Angie Says:

    To Catch a Highlander, by Karen Hawkins: part of the MacLean curse series; Dougal MacLean wins a house in a game of cards, and comes to survey the property. He gets a surprise when he learns they have set out to purposely make the house look a wreck, hoping to get their home back. His hostess, Sophia, a card player herself, plays on the sensual passion between them and wagers herself for the house. This MacLean sibling creates the thunderstorms *sigh* Thankfully the curse isn’t too prominent in this one.

  14. Debra Says:

    Lady Amelia’s Secret Lover, available in eBook format, by Victoria Alexander
    I didn’t realize this short story was #1, so short and #2, written specifically for ebooks. However, if you do read ebooks, it may be worth downloading. Lady Amelia is a minor character in one of Alexander’s other novels. This story is unusual in that the protagonists are already married and find that their marriage has become “comfortable, complacent and like an untended garden” after 6 years and two children. Filled with very humorous one liners and an interesting situation involving a twin brother who is being used by both his brother and sister-in-law to spice up their marriage, the book contains some very funny moments. If you are looking for passion, look elsewhere, but if you want a session with a marriage counselor with instructions on how not to take your spouse for granted, this book will substitute nicely.

  15. Donna Says:

    The Kiss, by Sophia Nash is another one to add to your lists. It’s fast paced with an excellent plot, fun to read and a definite 10 on the all important sexual tension scale. Georgiana, Anthony and Quinn are best friends growing up, but come adulthood, everything changes. Go get this one and enjoy. I absolutely loved this book.

  16. Angie Says:

    To Distraction, by Stephanie Laurens: another Bastion Club novel (I’m on a roll it would seem!) Deverell needs a bride, and his aunt knows just who would fit the bill, but she isn’t interested in marriage because of her previous experience with gentlemen. Phoebe is strong willed and respected, and falls for Deverell while trying to drive him away. I’ve got a few to go, but this has to be one of my favorite Bastion club novels. As usual, the entire Bastion Club makes an appearance to save the day. Read it, it’s a bit steamy and naughty in parts!

    These are best if read in order, I’m finding (I’m reading out of order) so check the author’s website for the order!

  17. Debra Says:

    Material Girl, By Julia London. In her contemporary novels, Julia London seems to make a habit of writing about heroines that you absolutely loathe until the very last, and heroes that are just too good to be true, but oh, how you wish it were so. This is the love story of the Rich Daddy’s Girl (with a twist) and the contractor she hires to work on her house. Lots of lessons of class snobbery and rich vs. poor here, and all in all a very quick and good read. Eventually, you do come to love Robin, but for the most part, you are really thinking of ways to knock her off so you can have Jake to yourself. He’s that wonderful. Oh, and he’s good on a motorbike too (wink, wink).

  18. Angie Says:

    Secrets of a Proper Lady, by Victoria Alexander. A fun story set in Victorian England about an arranged marriage between the daughter of an Earl, and a wealthy American who is making his fortune in the railroad. They both mislead each other as to their real identities and end up falling in love. A secret threatens to break them apart, but of course there is a happy ending. This is a nice little read, a little predictable, but the little charade gets tiresome after awhile.

  19. Debra Says:

    Talk of the Ton, a compilation by Eloisa James, Julia London, Rebecca Hagan Lee and Jacqueline Navin. Four Regency novellas under one cover, and each story just long enough to satisfy. I usually don’t like short stories like these but there is enough detail and plot in each to make up for their brevity. A quick read, it has some passionate scenes and characters you will come to like. Worth a look. Just try to overlook a couple of editing faux pas. These types of things are among my pet peeves and you may not notice them, but I was surprised they sneaked by.

  20. Debra Says:

    I’ll second The Kiss by Sophia Nash. Excellent read. The precursor is called A Dangerous Beauty, which I will read next (I always seem to read these things out of order!). This author writes with an attention to detail that paints a great picture of the settings in which the characters find themselves. I’m looking forward to reading the “pre-quel.”

  21. Angie Says:

    Desperate Duchesses by Eloisa James: Ah, the Georgian period, full of towering hair and French panniers! This is the first of the Duchess series, so be prepared for some hanging story lines!

    James has created an entire world of characters, and there are many story lines intertwined into the main one; that of Lady Roberta and Damon, the Earl of Gryffyn, and how they come to be together. It’s a good story, not a lot of smut, but when there is, it’s good!

    See my review coming on the main page of the next book in line- An Affair Before Christmas!

  22. Debra Says:

    Beauty Queen by Julia London. This is the second book in the Berkely Sensation series (not really sure why it’s named that) The first, Material Girl, has its own Quickie above. Unfortunately, the story of Rebecca Lear did not ring any bells the way her sister Robin’s did. With a political campaign as the backdrop and the hero as a full of himself attorney with do-gooder aspirations, I found myself skipping ahead, looking for the ending. So far, this series is looking 50-50. The last book in the series, Miss Fortune, Rachel’s story, is next up. We’ll see if we can break the tie.

  23. Donna Says:

    Three more you might find interesting: The Raven Prince, The Leopard Prince and The Serpent Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt. Although related as a series, each book can stand on its own – there is no need to read them in order. Welcome Edward, Harry and Simon to our list of favorites. I should add that these gents are flawed and fabulous. I won’t elaborate; you’ll just have to read for yourself. Oh, and by the way, the smut is sizzling.

  24. Manda Says:

    Do you like smut and horses? Heck, I know I do! Well then grab Much Ado About You by Eloisa James, the first in the Essex Sister series. What did I learn? Some horses are better than other horses…yep, that’s about it!

  25. Debra Says:

    Mr Darcy Presents His Bride, by Helen Halstead. This is one of the better written Pride & Prejudice continuations. The writing is reminiscent of Austen, but is eminently more readable. The story revolves around Lizzy’s introduction into society and Darcy’s reaction to it. There are also great subplots involving Kitty Bennett, Col. Fitzwilliam, Georgiana Darcy and Caroline Bingly, as well as a host of new and very interesting characters. I actually heard Mrs. Bennett’s shrill voice screeching out from the pages. Read this one. It’s professional fan fiction at it’s best.

  26. Donna Says:

    I think Manda and I are reading in tandem. That’s a first, I believe. I just finished Much Ado and really liked it. I’ve downloaded the next in the series – Kiss Me, Annabel and intend on reading the other two that follow – there are four all together. Hopefully, by this time next week, I will have a full review.

    A good horse and a good man – what else in life is there?

  27. Angie Says:

    “A good horse and a good man – what else in life is there?”


  28. Angie Says:

    A Dark Champion, by Kinley MacGregor- my first experience with this author, and I am glad to have found her. She also writes paranormal under Sherrilyn Kenyon.

    This is the second book in the Brotherhood of the Sword series, full of knights in chain mail and fair ladies chasing after them. Stryder of Blackmoore is sexy as hell, and of course Lady Rowena is beautful. There story is a long and complicated one that ends happily. The smut is good, although it takes a bit for it to happen. But once is does…..

  29. Angie Says:

    One Night With a Spy, by Celeste Bradley- another new author for me, and I like her! This is the 3 in The Royal Four series, full of spies and mystery.

    This is a very seductive book, between the diary entries of Lady Barrowby, and the thoughts of Marcus, it is quite a ride. Marcus is sent find out all he can about the recently widowed Lady who wants to take her rightful place in The Royal Four. He doesn’t bargain on falling in love with her, and she with him. Lies, danger, assassins, and love make this a fun book to read!

  30. Debra Says:

    Your Wicked Ways, by Eloisa James A novel approach to the romance genre, this is the story of an estranged married couple finding their way back to each other. Rees and Helene married for love (eloped in fact) but due to sexual inexperience on both their parts and Rees’ acrimonious relationship with his father, the marriage crumbles. When they realize that they each need something only the other can supply, disinterest and contempt turns back to love. It’s a quick read, and the subplot involving Rees’ ex-mistress and vicar brother will have you smiling as well.

  31. Donna Says:

    I’ve just started a book that is precisely the kind I love – historical, intriguing and really, really long. So, I’ll be spending the next few days in the Scottish Highlands with my new friends. Check back soon for the review!

  32. Angie Says:

    The Hazards of Hunting a Duke, by Julia London- Cute story, although I wanted to strangle Jared before the of the novel. Lord Middleton (Jared) changes his rakish ways to shut his father up about needing an heir, and marries Lady Ava, the daughter of a deceased Earl and almost penniless because of her stepfather. Jared’s discarded mistress just can’t seem to leave him alone, however, despite him telling her it is over. All ends well, of course, and while it took a bit to get there, it still ended rather abruptly.

    It could have used a good epilogue….the birth of their child, perhaps? 😉

  33. Angie Says:

    The Lady Chosen, by Stephanie Laurens- I am hooked on the Bastion Club series! As with all Bastion Club novels, there is an air of mystery and danger around. The club members are all dashing, and the Earl of Trentham is no exception. The smut does not disappoint!

  34. Angie Says:

    A Lady of his Own, by Stephanie Laurens- yes, another Bastion Club novel! This time the mystery is a bit different, but of course it is there, and the rest of the Bastion Club comes to help out. The Earl of Lostwithiel involves himself in the pursuit of information with an old flame. Again, the smut level is good!

  35. PamK Says:

    I picked up ‘Bewitched’ by Sandra Schwab (at the grocery store, no less) and so far I have giggled, laughed out loud and chuckled behind my fingers. I know that there is suppose to be some sordid liason eventually, but I’m totally enchanted by the sparkling writing so far. I just had out to tell someone, LOL.

    I promise to post a proper review once I’m done or if one of you ladies has read it, feel free to race me to the end and spill.

  36. Donna Says:

    I’m not really sure what to say, except that I’m trying to return to this century. It took me exactly one month – from April 1st to April 30th to finish all six Outlander series books. I am still madly in love with Jamie. I am still in awe of Claire. I think Diana Gabaldon is a genius and I wish I could visit anywhere, circa 1776. And amazingly, I am still rereading bits of each book. Daily.

    The books in order are Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, Drums of Autumn, The Fiery Cross and A Breath of Snow and Ashes. There is even a guide to all things Outlander – The Outlandish Companion – complete with fascinating Gaelic translations; Fraser, MacKenzie and Randall family histories; short synopses; character studies and other assorted goodies too good to miss. I understand that Ms. Gabaldon is currently writing the seventh in the series, due out, the rumor mill has it, sometime in the late fall, with one more to follow after that. I didn’t take the news well, considering that I thought that after book number six, I could put all of this behind me and move on. But each book remains with me, more so than any book or series of books that I’ve read, and I am finding it difficult, if not impossible, to put them aside – and that’s saying a heck of a lot for someone who loves variety and volume, not repetition.

    If anyone is unsure about continuing (as I was) the best advice I can give is to keep going. I don’t believe you will regret the time put into finishing these books – the reward is that great. I’m counting the days until the next one is published. In the meantime, I’ll go back to Drums and reread a couple hundred pages or so. That should keep me satisfied…for now.

  37. Angie Says:

    The Brotherhood of the Sword by Kinley MacGregor- A four part series about warriors that survived the worst prison in the Holy Lands. There are 4 books in all- “Where’s my Hero?” A book of 3 short stories from 3 different authors- Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas and Kinley MacGregor. MacGregor’s contribution is Simon’s story.

    The other books in the series are (in order)- “A Dark Champion”, Stryder’s story; “Return of the Warrier”, Christian’s story; and “The Warrior” Lochlan’s story. Each book involves the brotherhood helping those who have been freed from their prison, and finding love along the way. They are nice reads, with lots of kilts if you like that sort of thing!

  38. Angie Says:

    The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn- Ah, a highway man turned gentleman…how romantic. Grace is the companion to the Dowager Duchess of Wyndham- an old bat with a nasty disposition. Jack is a Robin Hood-esq highwayman who tries to rob them, but falls for Grace instead! When his identity comes into question after the duchess recognizes him, poor Jack’s world is turned upside down when it becomes apparent he may be the true Duke of Wyndham!

    A nice, quick read!

  39. Donna Says:

    No Marriage of Convenience by Elizabeth Boyle
    This is a tidy love story between the notorious young actress Riley Fontaine and Mason St. Clair, the new Earl of Ashlin. Riley is hired to tutor the earl’s three orphaned nieces and to prepare them for their launch into society. Other comical characters, including Ashlin’s wacky cousin Felicity and Riley’s business partner, Aggie, make the story move along nicely, but not even these interesting supporting characters could improve the story line. All in all, a pale imitation of some other really excellent books using basically the same “My Fair Lady” premise. A neat little summer read, but beyond that, don’t bother.

  40. Donna Says:

    The Viscount’s Wicked Ways, by Anne Mallory
    When a socially inept antiquarian meets a mysterious, handsome Viscount, all bets are off. Patience Harrington is convinced Thomas Ashe, Lord Blackfield, is up to something. How odd that the entire Blackfield Castle staff along with the residents of the surrounding village, seem to be in on the secret. But Patience is busy, working for the British Museum and cataloging a valuable collection that had once belonged to Lord Blackfield’s uncle; she has little time to go exploring on her own. Even so, Lord Blackfield is almost certain Patience is a spy, hired to find out exactly what he has been doing on the grounds of his estate. But, in his seductive effort to uncover the truth, Lord Blackfield gets more than he bargained for.

    This is a well-written,fast read with several other interesting characters and subplots. Sparks do fly between these two highly intellectual protagonists, in more ways than one. A fun book with an intriguing premise and well worth the time invested.

  41. Donna Says:

    Lord Heartless by Barbara Metzger
    Meet the scourge of the neighborhood. Lord Heartless is formally known as the mostly derelict, usually intoxicated Lesley Hammond, Viscount Hartleigh. Apparently Lord Hartleigh is also not very careful, as evidenced by the small bundle of out-of-wedlock joy left in a basket on his doorstep – an infant girl abandoned by a former lover. Enter the lordship’s prim and proper widowed housekeeper-neighbor, Mrs. Carissa Kane. Carissa, a Type A, if there ever was one,is charged with the responsibility of setting things to rights by instructing the hapless lord in the art of clean living and single fatherhood.
    Ms. Metzger repeats her winning formula in this one. “Lord Heartless” is just as well written as “An Early Engagement” (see New Reviews). The characters are engaging,the plot is surprisingly intriguing and the book buzzes with just the right combination of humor and sexual tension. This is an excellent travel book, especially when zipping along at 35,000 feet.

  42. Debra Says:

    A Rake’s Vow by Stephanie Laurens
    Not sure how I missed this one, since I’ve read every Cynster novel Laurens has written, but this was a gem. The story line is intriguing, involving a petty thief, a Spectre and a gray cat. Vane Cynster has finally met the one woman in the world he was meant to be with and she won’t have him. This, coupled with the background mystery and a lot of very good premarital interaction, makes for a quick and engaging read. My only qualm, and this is true of most of Lauren’s writing, is her propensity to repeat phrases that mean the same thing one right after the other. I guess it’s her way of emphasizing a point, but it’s distracting and a bit contrived.

    Read her Cynster novels. You’ll want a Cynster for yourself. Really. I mean it. Definitely.

  43. Debra Says:

    A Rogue’s Game by Renee Bernard
    Renee’s latest, it continues in the scorchingly hot trail of her earlier works. Julian Clay, Lord of Westleigh makes his reappearance and is paired with Eve Reynolds, a demure young lady with a few card tricks up her sleeve. Watch them fall in love amongst the gambling members of the ton. Colorful characters and very, shall we say, involved love scenes, makes for a perfect historical romance read. Enjoy!

  44. Debra Says:

    His Wicked Promise, by Samantha James
    While the time frame of this story, sometime in the 1200’s, was almost a reason for me to close this book before reading it, I’m glad I didn’t. The tale of Glenda and Egan is a story of brotherhood, jealousy and unrequited love. Glenda is the widow of Egan’s “brother in name”, Niall. But Egan holds a secret. He has loved Niall’s bride since the first time he saw her. When Niall is killed and Glenda wants to return from the Highlands to her home on the English border, Egan is chosen to accompany her. Can Glenda get past her love for Niall? The answer to that is a resounding yes in a very nice (and hot) love story, with a good deal of character development and growth for both protagonists. A good quick read.

  45. Angie Says:

    To Bed a Beauty & To Seduce a Bride by Nicole Jordan
    If you want lots of sex, then read these! These are parts 2 and 3 of her trilogy centering around the Loring sisters. The characters are flawed just enough to make them interesting and inviting.

  46. Debra Says:

    The Book of Scandal, by Julia London
    A history lesson is wrapped up in this tale of heartbreak and reconciliation. Nathan Grey, Lord Lindsey, follows his wife to London in order to save her from the accusation of treason. Evelyn Grey, the Lady Lindsey, fled there hoping to escape her grief after the death of their toddler son. When Nathan finds he must abduct his wife in order to save her, the rift between them seems insurmountable. You’ll love Nathan and laugh at the meddling in-laws. It’s a quick read and worth a look.

  47. Debra Says:

    Second Chance, by Jane Green
    The Big Chill of the London set, this story revolves around 4 college friends after the death of the 5th. It’s so eerily like The Big Chill, that I have to wonder, and I wonder if any one else wonders as well. At any rate, taken on its own, it’s a good story about a bunch of friends getting together after 20 years and how that death is the catalyst for them to make major changes in their lives. Hmmm…

  48. Debra Says:

    Yours Until Dawn, by Theresa Medeiros
    Another excellent historical romance by my favored author. The story of the blind Gabriel Fairchild Lord Sheffield, and his nurse, Samantha Wickersham, this story has an unexpected and poignant twist at the end. The dog, Sam and the servants at Fairchild Park almost steal the show, and Medeiros writes with her usual wit and attention to detail in the more interesting of the scenes (and don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean). I recommend it highly as well as any of her other novels.

  49. Angie Says:

    The Scarlett Spy, by Andrea Pickens
    This is another part of her trilogy about the female spy force known as Merlin’s in Regency London. This time, military secrets are at stake when ships carrying art and such disappear, never to be seen again, while an elite circle profits. The death of an heir to a dukedom, and a handful of smut for our girlie spy round this one out. It’s a quick read, but not overly exciting.

  50. Debra Says:

    The Forbidden Lord, by Sabrina Jeffries
    This is the story of Jordan Willis, Lord Blackmore and Emily Fairchild, a rector’s daughter from Derbyshire. This romance story runs the gamut from possible murder to blackmail to deception to love, and I’m still trying to catch my breath. I really like how Sabrina Jeffries spins her tale. The only problem I had with this book was that I could not stop myself from yelling at Emily, several times, “Trust him, already!!” You’ll get what I mean if you read it, which I highly recommend.

  51. Angie Says:

    When the Duke Returns, by Eloisa James
    The next installment in the desperate duchess’ series. This is the story of Isidore the duchess that was married by proxy, and has yet to meet her husband almost 15 years later. When he comes back after receiving a letter that she has attended a notorious house party, he decides she is much too alluring to be his duchess. He expected a prim and proper duchess, in line with his middle way beliefs. However, the attraction between them won’t just go away, and Isidore is determined to win the man she married. Get ready for a roller coaster ride of emotion!

  52. Donna Says:

    Simple Wishes by Lisa Dale
    This is an elegantly written romance – simple and believable. Adele Matin returns to rural Pennsylvania because frankly, she has nowhere else to go. There she mets Jay Westvelt, a back-woods artist and unlikely match for the urbanized Adele. But something magical happens between the two and Adele comes to realize that home is truly where the heart is. In this case, home is with Jay. Read this one. Please.

  53. Angie Says:

    Seduce Me At Sunrise, by Lisa Kleypas
    Once again, Kleypas writers a beautiful romance between two people, both with struggling emotions. Kev does not feel good enough for Win, due to his violent heritage as a Rom, and Win is hurt by Kev’s struggle to come to terms with his desire and his love for her. These two go through quite a bit before Win is swept away by Kev in true Rom style. Check this one out.

  54. Donna Says:

    Private Arrangements and Delicious, both by Sherry Thomas, are perhaps the most innovative romance novels I’ve read in a long time. Both are set at the end of the Victorian Era, and both are filled with interesting characters, complex plots and a couple of red hot love scenes that will make your head spin around twice. I’ve found a new favorite author, folks, and I think you will agree. Go read these!

  55. Angie Says:

    Mastered by Love, by Stephanie Laurens

    The final novel in the Bastion Club series. I couldn’t bring myself to write a full review, because I was annoyed so much by Lauren’s writing. The story is good–we finally learn about the past of Dalziel–but unless you can stomach the writing style, don’t bother unless you’ve been waiting for the conclusion of the series as I have.

  56. Donna Says:

    Alrighty, I’ve done enough talking about them. Now I want y’all to go out and read them, if you haven’t already. I’m talking about Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Mysteries (Sookie Stackhouse, et al). Books 1-9 are currently available. They’re well written, quick reads with lots of suspense and other good things. Oh, and TrueBlood fans will appreciate this: the book plots are somewhat different (so far) from the series. So even if you’ve spent some overtime drooling (as I have) over Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard on HBO, you can still read these and enjoy them immensely. You know, I’m beginning to think there really is no reason to be afraid of things that go bump in the night. *fangy grin*

  57. Angie Says:

    The Third Circle, by Amanda Quick-

    A nice change of pace if you’re into paranormal stories. Lots of “energy” “vibes” and “power” flying around. It’s part of a series, and of course, it’s not the first book. *sigh* There are highly charged sexual scenes that drip with intensity. Oh, and a sexy as hell hypnotist doen’t hurt either.

  58. Debra Says:

    The Love of Her Life by Harriet Evans

    I have to admit, I am hooked on this author. This is the second book of hers that I’ve read (I already reviewed one, I Remember You, on the Home page). This, ladies (and gentlemen)is an author who knows how to take British chic lit a la Bridget Jones and elevate it to a entirely new, incomparable level. The writing is exquisite, characterizations are detailed and involving, and you close each book feeling like you want to become part of the world Ms. Evans just created for your reading pleasure. Excellent! I just can’t say enough, except go pick one up.

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